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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," said philosopher George Santayana.

We are all condemned men, and women, then, under the present system of deliberate dissemination of false propaganda about our ancestral genesis in the schools, universities and mainstream media.

We wander around in a daze of cognitive dissonance, because we're never shown where the arrow of fate is really fired from - what the aim truly is. Without knowing its source, we cannot work out its trajectory and thus can never know its true target.

In this way, we're hoodwinked and confused and thus our consent is more easily manipulated to support perpetual wars against a never-ending list of 'demonic dictators' in which millions upon millions of us are piled high on tottering pyres and ziggurats in a continual blood sacrifice to Freemasonic 'gods' we don't know, nor would ever want to know.

Even those of us 'privileged' to live in the more affluent West are actually cursed, bloodied as we are with the Mark of Cain on our foreheads from being forced to eat the fruits of the labours of those who are dying of hunger to produce them. Yet even we are also slowly dying from the poisons being deliberately sprayed into the skies, the waters and the land.

So what has Ishtar's Gate forum to do with all of this?

Countless princes, popes and presidents have long co-opted the sacred lore, which was contained within allegories in orally-transmitted stories we now call myths, and rewritten them with their own characters and twists to the plotlines, to give themselves a back story to justify their own political regimes or reigns.

In the days of old, it was the role of the roaming storyteller to spread the lore and law, and he would set up his story mat under a huge, rambling tree in the village, as if to announce his arrival.

History, then, is just a pile of storymats.

On Ishtar's Gate, we dig beneath those piled up storymats - both then and now - and use a range of disciplines to discover the real history of man on Earth. This is why we always say that Ishtar's Gate is not New Age - it's Old Age, very Old Age!

In our various History and Prehistory sections, we support the archaeologists who can't get their papers past the 'peer review' gatekeepers of the consensual reality which show unassailable evidence for the clear intelligence, artistic ability and spiritual awareness of our ancestors going back as far Palaeolithic times.

We can see that our ancestors were living in organised communities and making fire and tools for hundreds of thousands of years before they were supposed to have been - according to the orthodoxy. And it is inconceivable that they didn't sail the oceans, given the easily discernible breadcrumb trails of archaeological artifacts, cave paintings, temples aligned with the stars, musical instruments, songlines and leylines, genes, myths, languages and spiritual and ritual burial practises across the Earth. However,

"Because we have separated humanity from nature, subject from object, values from analysis, knowledge from myth, and universities from the universe, it is enormously difficult for anyone but a poet or a mystic to understand what is going on in the holistic and mythopoetic thought of Ice Age humanity. The very language we use to discuss the past speaks of tools, hunters, and men, when every statue and painting we discover cries out to us that this Ice Age humanity was a culture of art, the love of animals, and women." The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light: Mythology, Sexuality and the Origins of Culture, by William Irwin Thompson

In The Shamanic and Mystery Teachings sections of the forum, we talk with those who receive guidance from the otherworldly spirits about the story of man, in the same way that our ancestors did of old, such as the rishis who composed the Vedas, the ancient ones who built astronomically-aligned Pyramids and Labyrinths and fire altars using Pythagorean principles thousands of years before Pythagorus lived. The spirits of the shaman help us to reconnect to the Old Ones, the Elders, who hold the keys to the restoration of the green and pleasant Land.

In Mythology, we analyse the metaphors and allegories of ancient myths that often lead us to the realisations which we develop in our sections on Sacred Geometry, Sacred Architecture, Sacred Sites and Archaeo-astronomy. In Connecting With the Land, we study the ancient landscape zodiacs of which more and more are being uncovered as we learn how to adjust our sights, to know what to look for.

We discuss Geomancy - or Earth gnosis - and Alchemy with alchemists, seers, dowsers, and cartomancers who trace the leylines and dragon lines across the World. We know that kings and queens have had various magicians (Druidic seers, astrologers, alchemists) in their courts since at least the time of King Alfred the Great, and we're winning back the knowledge that he who holds the reins of the Land, reigns over the Land.

In New Science Paradigms, we see no difference between real magic and real science, as both base their laws upon the Laws of Nature. We're also not hampered by religious belief systems - like Darwinism and Ascensionism. So we happily discuss the theories of the likes of Walter Russell and Viktor Schauberger, and are fascinated by the power of harmonic and frequency, energy fields, piezoelectricity, magnetism, explosion and implosion, water and energy vortices to name but a few.

In Sacred Art and Beauty, we reclaim, from the ugliness of modern art, our ancestors' understanding of the role of painting, sculpture, poetry and dance in transmitting the un-utterable Beauty as a veneration and adoration of Life.

There is so much more than all this on Ishtar's Gate forum, too much to put into what's intended just to be a small snapshot, mainly to show the relevance of what we discuss on the Gate to how we live our lives today.

So welcome to the Gate!

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