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We seem to have reached an extremely dangerous time for humanity – with those running the show acting as if they have another planet to go to. Maybe they do … But in the meantime, it’s our role - and yours too, if you’d like to join us - to try to ensure there is still a thriving planet here for our grandchildren and their grandchildren to live on, and that they will be born into freedom not slavery.

We’re way beyond the concept of ‘conspiracy theories’ now. There is a conspiracy, and it’s not a theory, by people who are insane - they want to severely cull the human race, by fair means or foul, and to also turn what’s left of us into slaves and sex toys.

There is no hope for the future of humanity when the lives of our children are destroyed forever by paedophile rings and black mass rites – operating almost with impunity at every level of society. The trafficking of adult humans is also at an all-time high.

The mind programming, largely carried out by mainstream media, has rendered most people unconscious to the danger we’re all in. The false flags have them running from one crisis to another. A twisted double-speak narrative persuades them to the ‘social justice’ argument coming out of the mouths of these dissemblers, when in reality everything we are being bullied by political correctness into giving up for a ‘good cause’ is going straight into the bank accounts of the global criminal elite. In other words, this is a shake down.

To that end, the good ship The Dawn Treader will stand as a beacon of hope, and sanctuary of support and not least, we will constantly endeavour to supply clear information to help us all see through the fog of the disinformation war.

So welcome on board! Do join us on the FORUM to read, or REGISTER to join us.

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